Selling Tips

Currumbin Realty is aware that presentation of your property is very important and if ignored can greatly affect the selling price and successful sale of what is probably your biggest asset. Here are our top tips for presenting your property:

1. Street Appeal

Make sure the front of your property looks inviting. Keep lawns mowed and gardens neat and tidy.


2. Spring Clean

Before each viewing ensure you have given your home a once over – even cleaning the windows inside and out can make a difference to the lighting.


3. De-clutter

Remember less is more! Buyers want to visualise your property being theirs with all their belongings. De-clutter to keep things tidy and to make the rooms appear larger.


4. Repair it

Make sure minor repairs are taken care of. Make a checklist to ensure all light bulbs are working and any maintenance you have been putting off is up to date. A fresh coat of paint will freshen up scuffs and scrapes in the woodwork.


5. Freshen up

Get rid of any smoke or pet odours. Even if you can’t smell it we guarantee the buyers will. Freshen up the place by opening the windows, burn a fragrance candle or even have a fresh bunch of flowers on the kitchen bench.


6. Pets

Make sure you clean up after your pets and take them out of the home for inspection times.


7. Lighten up

Turning lights on in every room will help make the place more inviting and open up the space. There is nothing inviting about walking down a dark hall or walking into a dark room.


8. Present your home to reflect the weather.

If it’s cold maybe put some heaters around the place or turn on the fireplace if you have one. If its hot turn on some fans, open windows or put your air-conditioning system on. Making buyers feel comfortable in your home will ensure they look around and take it all in rather than rushing through because they are uncomfortable with the temperature.

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