Preparing Your Home For Sale

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Your home holds many memories but when you sell your property it is time to let go and present it in such a way that buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Make the property more attractive to the next individual or family who will call this house their home. There are many ways you can achieve this.

The following are general suggestions only – if unsure speak to us to find out which ones will be of most benefit to your property.

First impressions are crucial. If buyers don’t like the outside, they probably won’t even go inside.



Preparing your home for sale

Mow the lawns, neatly cut the edges, trim branches, make sure the garden is tidy and attractive

Repair any damage or broken fencing

Clean up the carport and remove any unused/unwanted material from the front and rear yards

Assess your letterbox – if it has seen better days – replace it

Pressure clean driveways and paths



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1. Clean and declutter

First impressions count! Start packing now and remember less is more

Clear out all clutter and remove items you don’t regularly use

Remove personal items such as photographs and some ornaments

Donate items that you don’t use

Throw away items that are broken or damaged

Consider hiring a temporary storage unit for larger bulky furniture

Wash windows and surrounds

Clean and dust blinds

Wash or dry clean curtains

Clean and dust skirting boards

Clean appliances and store what you aren’t using

Straighten contents of your closets


2. Do a thorough maintenance check and repair problems

Any issues will be raised by a pest and building inspector which could affect your final sale price

Inspect your walls and floors for water damage

Check for plumbing leaks

Inspect windows for broken seals or cracks

Eradicate any signs of pests or insects


3. Eliminate odours

Place fresh flowers around or burn neutral scented candles. Avoid strong cooking odors or spraying

deodourisers around inspection times


4. Paint

The larger buyer demographic prefers neutral colours or a blank canvas – most buyers will not be fond of your treasured or bright coloured feature wall/s

When you paint remember to patch or repair any fixing holes


5. Finish projects & repairs

Complete any unfinished projects or necessary repairs to your home

Buyers like to move in without having to attend to any emergency or necessary repairs

If you have any small projects in the pipeline make sure you finish them in a short period of time


6. Flooring

Clean and scrub tiles

Shampoo carpets

Polish floorboards

Repair or replace damaged or worn areas


7. Replace and or repair broken fixtures and door/window hardware

Light fittings, replace globes, door handles, bathroom and laundry taps, cracked mirrors, repair or replace grout or sealant, shower screens, polish bathroom fittings – sparkling bathrooms make a big difference!


8. Create a welcoming entrance – remember first impressions will count on entry

Make sure the entrance door is in good state of repair – paint door and jamb – replace door hardware if needed

De-clutter the entrance and add an inviting welcoming mat

Clean and sweep away any leaves


9. Staging your home

This can be done by professionals or yourself with a little foresight

De-clutter and arrange your furnishings to give a more spacious feeling as buyers like to freely walk around your home and visualise their belongings in your home

Professional companies can offer several different rental staging options with the sale price outcome generally outweighing the fees


10. Open homes

Keep bench tops clear

Open all blinds and curtains to allow natural light inside

Keep pets away on open home days

Consider the temperature – leave a heater on in winter or the air conditioner on in summer

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